10/24- DATE CHANGE- Stones and Cards: Learning the Basics with Bridgette Raitz and India Leigh

10/24- DATE CHANGE- Stones and Cards: Learning the Basics with Bridgette Raitz and India Leigh

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Stones and Cards: Learning the Basics With India Leigh and Bridgette Raitz

Saturday, September 19th
3-4:30 pm
$33 in person at Solstice 

Stones and cards are two wonderful conduits to connect with the Divine and your spirit guides and allow you to receive guidance and healing.   Both tools offer a wide variety of options to explore. During this 90-minute in-person class, stone keeper and intuitive Bridgette Raitz and intuitive reader and spiritual teacher India Leigh will guide you in exploring all that the stones and cards have to offer.

India will help you learn to intuit and interpret the messages your guides are sending you through both oracle and tarot cards. You will leave this class ready to start receiving your own messages from Spirit using cards. This class will include personal readings by India Leigh for demonstration purposes.

Bridgette will highlight a variety of stones—and discuss the scientific and metaphysical benefits they bring to bear.  She will also bring to life their use in history, how and why they work, and which ones are “specialists” in certain areas.  You will leave with a better understanding of the stones and an idea of which ones may be best for you to work with at this time.

*If you attend in person at Solstice, you will need to wear a mask and will be properly socially distanced. Total of 6 participants allowed in person. 


Spirit intuitive reader India Leigh uses an array of modalities and gifts to help others clearly understand the messages being sent by their guides. She also empowers others in coming into more connection with their own divine creative power, aligning their energy, thoughts, words, and actions with their greatest good and highest purpose.

Stone intuitive Bridgette Raitz is the owner of Solstice, a metaphysical store in Marietta, GA.  Through her knowledge and caretaking of the stones, she helps individuals discover and work with ideal stone companions, who are here to assist us as we navigate our path on Earth.  Through her thriving Etsy store online, she is able to send stones far and wide to work their magic all over the world.