10/03- Energy Alignment and Activation Readings with India Leigh and Jen Huber

10/03- Energy Alignment and Activation Readings with India Leigh and Jen Huber

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Energy Alignment and Activation Readings

With Jen Huber and India Leigh

45 mins for $90

Intuitive reader India Leigh and shamanic guide and healer Jen Huber will be offering 45-minute Energy Alignment and Activation Readings on Saturday, October 3, from 1-4 pm.

You will receive a dual reading and energy alignment and activation session utilizing and amplifying both of their gifts synergistically into one session. You will be socially distanced, and a mask is required.

India and Jen can help you understand what is happening with you energetically regarding your work, soul purpose and receptivity to abundance. You will have a chance to ask into any areas of you life in which you would like to receive more clarity and shift into more action. At the end of the session your energy will be more in alignment with your goals, and you will learn how to activate yourself in alignment with your higher self with customized personal affirmations.

You can prepare for your reading by reflecting on what questions or about what areas of your life and/or relationship you would like to ask. If you have many questions, you may want to write them down in order of priority, with an awareness that Spirit will always send through the messages that you most need to hear for your greatest good and highest purpose. You may want to bring with you to your reading a notebook and/or recording device so that you can review the messages from your reading again afterwards. 


Spirit intuitive and coach India Leigh uses an array of modalities and gifts to help you clearly understand the messages being sent to you by your guides, as well as connect more deeply with your own divine inner guidance on a daily basis. She also will empower you in coming into more connection with your own divine energy and creative power, aligning your energy, thoughts, words, and actions with your greatest good and highest purpose.

Jen Huber is a shamanic guide and healer, as well as a spirit intuitive and medium.  Jen uses a divinely led combination of channeled spirit messages, intuitive guidance, shamanic healing and psychic mediumship to weave together a customized plan for positive change and expansive growth in the lives with whom she works.  Through Jen's shamanic journey, she energetically explores the soul's landscape and lessons, led by spirit guides.  She returns from each journey with specific, personal messages of guidance and healing.