Joint Readings with India Leigh and Jen Huber

Joint Readings with India Leigh and Jen Huber

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You can now book a Spiritual Guidance, Readings & Shamanic Healing Session with spirit intuitive card reader India Leigh and shamanic guide and healer Jen Huber, through our site. Done via remote readings via phone, facetime or Zoom.  Please choose from whichever amount of time you would like below, and you will receive a call or email regarding the time and date you would like. They offer joint sessions of two lengths:

30 min for $55 

60 min for $111

Simply select the amount of time you would like from the drop down menu. Please leave your contact number in the comments below.  

Spiritual Guidance, Readings & Shamanic Healing Session with INDIA & JEN

You will receive a dual reading and energy shifting session utilizing & amplifying both of their gifts synergistically into one session. 

Using tarot and oracle cards, India will work with your guides and higher self to give you a kind of “X-ray image” of where your energy is during this point on your soul’s journey, including any blocks and fears you may be carrying. 

She and Jen can help you understand what is happening with you energetically regarding your work, soul purpose and receptivity to abundance. These messages will give you the foundation, perspective and understanding you need to then drill down into these blocks and limiting beliefs and start removing them. 

At the end of the session, you will see in the cards the shifts you have made in your energy since the start of the session.

Jen and India help you move through fear/energetic blocks into clearing, healing and alignment on the continuing journey into spiritual expansion and deeper connection with yourself, your highest self & others. Sessions conducted via Zoom web chat. 

Note: Readings must be booked and used within 6 months of purchase.


Spirit intuitive/psychic India Leigh uses an array of modalities and gifts to help others clearly understand the messages being sent by their guides. She also empowers others in coming into more connection with their own divine creative power, aligning their energy, thoughts, words, and actions with their greatest good and highest purpose. 
Jen Huber is a shamanic guide and healer, as well as a psychic medium. Jen uses a divinely led combination of channeled spirit messages, intuitive guidance, shamanic healing and psychic mediumship to weave together a customized plan for positive change and expansive growth in the lives with whom she works.