Blessed Washington Sage Bundle and coupon

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We are pleased to offer a lovely white sage bundle with lavender and rose petals that has been blessed by Jen Huber, a very talented shamanic guide and psychic. From Washington state, Jen gathered and blessed this sage last fall. Approximately 5” long.
You will also receive a bonus coupon of 10% off any reading or session with Jen.
*Jen Huber is a shamanic guide and healer, as well as s psychic medium.  Jen uses a divinely led combination of channeled spirit messages, intuitive guidance, shamanic healing and psychic mediumship to weave together a customeized plan for positive change and expansive growth in the lives with whom she works.
You will receive ONE piece of sage from the ones shown above.  Note: Please store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.  Do not store in plastic.  Please keep away from things that may catch fire, and away from children.  Never leave sage burning unattended.  To see how to burn sage, please visit youtube for a tutorial. Always hold burning sage over a fireproof dish or container and do not scatter embers, etc.